In San Luis Potosí, environmental crimes will be prosecuted ex officio

Mexico makes urgent commitments against climate change
August 1, 2023

Official figures from SEMARNAT place Mexico in fifth position, among the twelve megadiverse countries in the world, concentrating almost 70% of the variety of plants and animals worldwide. For this reason, its commitment in environmental matters is to ensure the sustainability of natural resources, as well as the quality of life of citizens.

 In this sense, in our country, the greater the environmental wealth, the higher the incidence of crimes of this type. For this reason, in the State of San Luis Potosí, the State Congress takes action to protect the environment and prevent crimes against it.

In the first place, the Congress of San Luis Potosí approved the ruling that modifies various articles of the State Penal Code, which establish that environmental crimes will be prosecuted ex officio. 

The above, with the aim of defending human rights, ecological balance, environmental management and sustainable territorial development. Likewise, the ruling stipulates that complaints in environmental matters may be filed by the Secretariat of Ecology and Environmental Management, by the corresponding municipality, or by the water operating agency that has knowledge of it, or for the purposes of a popular complaint.

 Secondly, the State has the initiative to enrich the reform of the Environmental Law based on a proposal to have a census of urban trees. In other words, the proposal aims to protect trees in urban areas as a responsibility of the municipalities, through a count and identification of the species, achieving a procedure that includes the restitution and monitoring of each tree that is intended to be moved.

It should be noted that this initiative has the validations of experts and agencies such as the State Secretariat of Ecology and Environmental Management, which were requested by the members of the Commission of Ecology and Environment of the Congress of the State of San Luis Potosí, since greater efforts are required to protect trees in urban areas.

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