Michoacán and the necessary compliance with the state's environmental regulations

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August 1, 2023
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August 1, 2023

Since 1980, the state of Michoacán – the fifth most biodiverse state in Mexicohas lost almost half of its forest cover, due to changes in land use, arson forest fires, and legal and illegal logging in the area, according to the Michoacán State Secretariat of the Environment. Added to these data is the fact that during 2022 the destruction of natural ecosystems increased abruptly and consequently the degradation of the quality of life of the population.

In this sense, the overexploitation of forest resources and the change of land use have caused the water bodies of Michoacán to also be affected due to their immediate correlation. An example of this is Lake Cuitzeo, which was considered the second largest lake in Mexico, however, it is currently in decline. 

But the outlook is even more discouraging for Lake Patzcuaro, which has lost one-sixth of its total size, in addition to the serious pollution that afflicts it. Likewise, Lake Zirahuén also has high levels of pollution from chemicals used by the agricultural and industrial sector.

The damage to these water and forest resources is due in a large percentage to the impact of agro-industrial activity, such as the cultivation of avocado, maguey, among others, which has deforested thousands of hectares due to their planting, also causing thousands of tons of fertilizers and wastewater to accumulate. The use of agrochemicals has also caused algae blooms in most of the state's water bodies. 

In addition to this, the expansion of the real estate sector and the lack of environmental responsibility of other sectors are destroying natural resources, due to the disproportionate construction of subdivisions or shopping centers, as well as the high pollution and overexploitation of groundwater in the area.

This forces decision-making from the governmental level in collaboration with society, to curb the impact of economic actors that promote the change of land use and the installation of illegal orchards urgently. In addition, compliance with the State's environmental regulations must be a reality for Michoacán, which is why legal consulting in this area becomes the best weapon to combat the unbridled environmental impact.

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